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How we help our existing client

Brands prefer to lease machines while machine owners looking for return on investments, that's why CloudRetail connect them together while changing the future of retails. CloudRetail connects brands that like to lease machines, with individuals like you who want to own the machines for returns

Generate Passive Income

Anyone with little to no experiences could generate passive incomes by the benefits of technologies

Build Side Business

In this ever-changing era, building a side business could be a way to test out a new career path and can help you earn some extra money.

Reduce Capital Risk

You can now access to resources provided by private or public sectors. There are various potential funding supports up to millions, which you don't have to pay back or sacrifice equity for.

Build passive income with CloudRetail

Our client builds profitable side businesses with CloudRetail, while changing the retail landscape.

How we help?

Start with 1st Machine

We encourage everyone to start with your first machine, which is to buy a CloudRetail machine. Then you can lease it to brands for your first revenue.

Generate Income from Brands

Then once you got paid, you can grow organically. This way you made your first step of a potentially very successful side business with very little money. Then you can choose to buy more machines with the extra resources and lease to brands, repeat.

Grow Organically

Our professional team, including accounting and legal, as well as our CloudRetail platform, will make sure it will be easy for you to understand the most important things in working with us. You can then grow the machines size in peace, while protecting your downside.

CloudRetail vs other Franchise opportunities

Other retail opportunities, such as franchises, are notorious for its high initial fees, hidden management fees, and return-limiting performance fees. CloudRetail are able to sustain a more low-cost way than was previously ever possible. 

Much Better Model

We know rents and labours are expensive. That's why our model minimises these costs and make sure you have the return you deserved, rather than hanging you out to dry.

Much Better Tech

Our tech is built for maximising your ROIs and the ever changing landscape of the smart retail industry, rather than charging you initial fees or hidden fees for nothing.

Much Better Supports

With us, you get the perks of securing all the brand support, expertise and infrastructure of our partners to maximize your return potential.

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Leverage us to start earning from thousands who are ready to buy from you.

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