Vending designed for high-value products

A vending machine designed to sell high-value products, such as Jewelleries, Cosmetics, Electronics .etc

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Cloudretail event Royce from Citysuper

We helped these brands boost sales

How we help you achieve your goal?

Our existing clients achieve their goals with us while being a part of the future of retail.


We help retailers set up new storefront and get new sales from thousands of customers ready to buy from you.


Brands can easily open up direct-to-consumer channel, and watch as their revenues grow.


We help busy individuals build new passive income in a more risk-averse way

How we change the future of retails

No matter how you want to sell your products, we might be able to help

Unlock New Revenue Streams

We help traditional retailers reach new customers. Never thought you can sell jewelleries via our machines? Think again.

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Brand name: Armani Beauty

Online-to-Offline, or vice versa

Any companies, from Instagram stores to multinational brands, can attract traffic online and redeem products offline. Our machines integrate with your online campaign and maximise your campaign budgets.

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Data-driven returns powered by brands

Even busy people can be benefited

Brands usually prefer to lease machines instead of buying one. Our existing clients are benefited from owning machines and leasing them to our brands with great returns.

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“For some, search for products in jewellery shop can be a little daunting with eager salespeople watching you over your shoulder. Fortunately, for customers preferring to shop in peace, Chow Tai Fook has provided a new solution.”

Chow Tai Fook

Brand name: Maruko from Chow Tai Fook

Grow your business with us in 2022

Businesses in 2022 can leverage COVID and be benefited from our unmanned retail technology in varies ways. This not only provide exceptional returns for investors and business-owners, but also gives supply side real time visibility of inventories and orders in the cloud - transforming your core business.

Current Situations

It'd be easy for you to name anyone who have been losing businesses during COVID time, with different business issues such as sales, inventory and last-mile problems looming around.

Many local and oversea businesses now search for new ways to get to new customers, in cloud or offline.

Our Solutions

We open doors for companies that want to expand to new areas. We are capable of handling the entire back-end processing of expansions, which varies from ordering, inventory management, shipping items to getting your products to the customer and email your customer afterwards.

With the use of technologies, we now make it possible so any business with a product, from retailers to suppliers, from oversea businesses to local businesses can expand their offline and online presence. Our cloud unmanned retail technology is highly scalable, so if you have a business need of expanding, our company can most likely accommodate.

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