Sell your products much easier

With your own compact storefront, you can reach and have your products delivered to the hand of thousands of customers. We’re here to get you going. And growing.

We provide a turnkey solution for brands

Reach new customers

Get instant access to an entirely new pool of customers.

Scale their business

Get started in days, not months. We make it easy to get new storefronts up and running, fast.

Test new ideas

Avoid spending a fortune on testing out ideas. With us, you’ll save tons of upfront costs to build out a brick and mortar.

Increase your sales

CloudRetail helps you succeed in selling offline and expand your business with low risk. CloudRetail offers low initial capital, quick setup procedures and timely sales data. And once in the marketplace, you will get new sales in days, and obtain instant data on how the products are doing.

Expand with low risk & capital

Not only does CloudRetail require low risk and capital, but it also gives you the opportunity to expand your business with minimal effort.

Reach new customers offline

Be seen by thousands of paying customers nearby, and get your items added to their shopping lists.

Save costs and risks

Selling with us is simple and cost-effective. You’ll avoid spending upfront to build out a brick and mortar shop. By eliminating front-of-house labor and overhead, you take home a bigger slice of the pie in profits.

Validate your ideas

Experiment with innovative items or new flavors with little risk before pitching them to retailers. And once in the marketplace, get instant data on how they’re doing.

Much less requirements

Renovations, shop fixtures, agent fees are not required to start. No regular on-site staff for manning is needed due to the usage of advanced technologies to replace manpower.

Support you along the way

Have our top-notch CloudRetail team of experts to partner with on selling more, real-time reporting, affiliate program access, and more.

Powerful Tech Platform

Manage your entire store through your fingertips. Access all your insights online, integrate the payments you need, and get insights and tools to help run your business.

Bespoke for your needs

You have specific needs, or specific audience in mind? No worries, we can bespoke for your need, powered by our in-house team and highly customisable technologies.

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