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Our technology helps you get exceptional returns in retail, and grow your business with low risk. No matter if you're retailers, product suppliers, or basically anyone.

CloudRetail technologies for companies of all sizes

With our CloudRetail, you can reach millions of customers ordering online and pass by our machines. Then have your products delivered direct-to-consumer in 30 minutes. We’re here to get you going. And growing.

Acquire new data

Everyone uses data, but the quest for customer data is hard to come by and expensive. You help

Access to new customers

You can get access to new pool of online and offline customers in few days, powered by AI

Reduce cost per leads

Integrate your product lists to CloudRetail right away and capture new leads at lower costs than the channels you use

Profit-optimised Technologies

AI-Powered, Data-Driven, Modulised

Equipped with self-trained identification & tracking model by Deep Learning to identify & track the patterns, and combined with the user data obtained from varies channels, we are able to adjust the contents of the user interface based on different factors such as locations, time and users .etc.


With our CloudRetail, you can reach millions of customers ordering online and pass by our machines. We can bring your e-shop offline instantly via our CloudRetail kiosks. Use our smart screens to capture offline leads, engage leads, turn them into customers right away. We’re here to get you going. And growing.

Integrate with the tools you use

Need to integrate with your in-house tools? CloudRetail has experiences in working with different payments, loyalty programs and integrations, powered by our in-house team and highly customisable technologies. You can fit in the needs and expectations of customers. 

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"With a valid QR code, customers can redeem their gifts through smart vending machines.”


CloudRetail is THE solution for big corporations

Get the data you need

Brands need customer data, often difficult and expensive to access. CloudRetail gives brands direct access to customer data.

Convince finance team

Owning a machines could mean extra work for finance teams since this adds new assets and depreciations in their balance sheets. We fit by providing flexibilities in how we work.

Fit in their budgets

Sales team usually don’t have the marketing budgets to try out new retail channels and marketing budget is set per year and reluctant to go for longer commitment. We help Sales and Marketing team work together with our custom packages.

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