Maximise your profit sq. ft

CloudRetail allows you to sell products at any time of the day. You can maximise profits by optimising exposure and scalability.

Sell your products cost-effectively

Keep your hard-earned money by eliminating expensive costs

Experiment new ideas and markets with data

CloudRetail offers low initial capital, quick setup procedures and timely sales data, making it easy to experiment with innovative items or new flavors with minimal risks. Then you can consider opening a new shop in the area.

Power by CloudRetail Tech Platform

Manage your entire store at your fingertips. Access all your insights online, integrate the payments you need, and get insights and tools to help run your business.

Compare with Brick-and-Mortar

Upfront Expenses

Brick-and-mortar incurs a big upfront expense means increasing your risk and much longer payback period. For CloudRetail, renovations, shop fixtures, agent fees are not required to start.

Monthly expenses

Renting a space requires rental expenses, agent fees and requires more orders, inventory, and customers in order to justify it. Our starting price is a lot less than running a shop.

Staff required

Finding, building, permitting, and launching your own space could take 3 months or more. CloudRetail has no lengthy buildout process, then you can open quickly without all the hassle.

Testimonial Image

“Giordano launched a vending machine at the Star Ferry Terminal. People can purchase the I LOVE HK series with the machine, and choose their preferred size and colour conveniently.”


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